Kia has updated its cheapest $20,000 electric car. Photo

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Kia Ray EV.
Ray EV gets a powerful motor and a new design. Source: Kia

Kia Ray EV 2024 has been revealed in an updated look. This is the cheapest electric car of the Korean company with a base price of just over 20,000 dollars.

The car was reported on the official website of the Hyundai parent company The design of the model was adjusted to the current corporate style of the company. The headlights, lights, bumpers and wheel rims have changed, while the palette of body colors has been updated. However, the 3.6-meter Kia Ray EV remains very recognizable in appearance.

The new Kia Ray EV is a budget electric car considering its price. However, it is equipped with a pretty powerful motor. The output is 87 hp (147 Nm of torque).

Kia Ray EV

The battery pack has a capacity of 35.2 kWh. The claimed range is 205 km. Buyers will be offered passenger and cargo modifications. Access to the cabin is simplified by a sliding side door.

The Kia Ray EV 2024 has a digital dashboard, 10.25-inch touchscreen multimedia, buttons instead of the gear lever, air conditioning, an audio system, an electronic parking brake, emergency automatic braking and lane-keeping systems.

The price of the electric Ray EV is from 20,700 to 22,300 dollars.

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