Keep it from spoiling: where to store cosmetics and caring products

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Cosmetics do not like heat, ultraviolet light and humidity

Cosmetics, whether it's caring or decorative, come into contact with our skin. If it deteriorates, it can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences in the form of rashes or inflammation. So it is important to know how to properly store cosmetics, and where they do not belong.

OBOZREVATEL tells you exactly where not to store cosmetics. And where it's better to move it, so it doesn't spoil for a long time.

Get beauty products out of direct sunlight

Most makeup and skincare products keep well at room temperature as long as you don't expose them to direct sunlight. Sunlight accelerates product aging. Moreover, heating can destroy the active ingredients in the products. Therefore, they should all be put away in the shade. Shaded shelves or dressing tables are not bad places. Closed cabinets and drawers, where the sun does not reach at all, are even better.

Devote a shelf in the refrigerator to cosmetics

Low temperatures keep in good condition not only the food, but also some cosmetics. And some of them can even become more refreshing, like eye creams. Experts recommend keeping retinol and vitamin C always in the fridge, as these ingredients spoil more slowly in the cold. Nail polish in such conditions will not take up lumps, although it may begin to delaminate. This problem is solved by shaking it before use. Lipstick that has begun to melt can be returned to its original consistency by putting it in the refrigerator compartment. But do not keep it like that forever, as the oils and waxes it contains will loosen under the influence of low temperature.

Give up the dressing table in the bathroom

The warm air and water vapor from your shower won't do your beauty products any good. Also, water can condense on the surface of some beauty products and cause mold. That is why it is better to move all powder, loose, natural and organic products to a dry place. The same applies to any tools used for applying cosmetics. Mold can begin to develop on them if they are constantly wet. Before removing them from the bathroom, rinse these tools thoroughly and dry them outside of the room.

Don't freeze cosmetics

In contrast to the mild cold in the freezer, temperatures below 0 are also bad for cosmetics. They spoil them just as badly as sunlight. Emulsions such as lotions, creams and conditioners become very unstable if partially frozen and then allowed to thaw. It is better not to keep such products on windowsills in winter, but to move them to a place where they are not drawn by the cold.

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