It's high time to forget: five anti-trends for spring 2023 that will indicate a lack of taste. Photo.

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It's better to forget about some of last year's trends

Winter is slowly coming to an end, so soon the harsh frosts will be replaced by warm, spring days. It's time to pull last year's lightweight clothes out of the closet and analyse your wardrobe for anti-trends, as many of the fashion trends of 2022 have already lost their relevance.

Wearing them again is a sign of lack of style and disinterest in the fashion industry. OBOZREVATEL has decided to tell you what clothes this season are best forgotten (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Coat with a zip

Such models usually have a straight cut, do not emphasise the waist and look cheap. It is better to replace the fastener with hooks, buttons or a belt.


Short-sleeved jumper

Just recently, they were at the peak of popularity, but in 2023, fashion did not spare models with short sleeves, which visually shorten the arms and add volume.


Biker leather jackets

Their popularity has caused them to become hackneyed. Almost every fashionista has a brutal leather jacket in her arsenal, and with the onset of warm days, such a jacket will not add uniqueness to the image, because every third beauty will wear it.


Pleated skirts

Last autumn, many fashionistas boasted of elongated pleated skirts, but so far their relevance has waned. It is better to look at shorter models made of leather, for example.


Leggings with stitching on the feet

A strange trend that has never taken root in the wardrobes of beauties is also no longer relevant. However, it can be replaced with elongated leggings with slits at the shin.


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