It will be perfectly clean: a cleaning strategy to change your home for better

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Cleaning experts say that there is a single method that allows you to clean properly

The amount of cleaning work can be very demotivating, especially when the house hasn't been cleaned for a long time and you have to work hard. Psychologists say that a strategic approach can help relieve anxiety about a large number of tasks and help you do a good job of cleaning.

It means that you make a plan of action for yourself and gradually move through the list. Cleaning experts say that there is a correct order that will help you not to make a mess in the places you have already taken care of. OBOZ.UA tells you what this order should look like.

Start with chemicals

All work that requires various kinds of chemicals is best done first. This is what professional cleaning services do. This is primarily because many products take time to work properly, especially disinfectants. In addition, statistics show that many people use chemicals in an unsafe or improper way. That's why experts advise you to do it when you're not tired and your attention span is at its maximum to reduce the risk of mistakes. When starting such work, always wear protective gloves and read the instructions on the bottles. And never mix different products.

Start with the bathtub, which takes the most time to clean because there are a lot of germs there. If you clean it with disinfectants, apply them, turn on the hood, and close the door while it's running. This way, you won't be breathing in the fumes when you move on to mechanical cleaning. And after cleaning the bathroom, you should work with chemicals in the kitchen.

Dust before you put things away

While your chemicals are working, it's time to tackle the dust. Start wiping it off from the highest surfaces and gradually work your way down. This way, all the dust will settle on the floor and can be easily picked up at the end of the cleaning.

Get rid of clutter

Once the surfaces are clean, start putting things in order. Here you can use a five-step method. First, collect all the trash in the room and throw it away. Then go through it again and send all the dirty clothes to the laundry. The third step is to collect all the dishes that are in the room. Next, put everything in its place. Finally, you should aim to pick up everything that didn't find a place in the previous stages and decide where it should go now.

Clean floors

Once everything is disinfected, cleaned, and organized, you can take care of the floors. Vacuum all the nooks and crannies and then mop the floor towards the door. Give it time to dry so that there are no streaks on the surface. From now on, all you have to do is enjoy the cleanliness.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA spoke about the 10-10-10 method, which will allow you to gradually clean even the most severe mess.

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