"Is this Ukraine or Georgia?" Russian tourist boils over with anger after a trip to Tbilisi

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Russian tourist complained about her vacation in Georgia because of Georgians' pro-Ukrainian sentiments

Elizaveta, a tourist from Moscow, spent a month vacationing in Georgia and was not happy with her trip. The citizen of the terrorist country was annoyed by the "nationalism" of Georgians and their pro-Ukrainian sentiments.

The Russian woman was on vacation in Tbilisi. She complained to propaganda resources that blue and yellow flags were hanging everywhere in the city, and this irritated her greatly.

Obviously, the Muscovite does not understand why the population of Georgia, 30% of whose territory is occupied by Russia, supports the Ukrainian people and condemns Russian aggression and terror.

"The most annoying thing is that there are Ukrainian flags everywhere, nationalist slogans everywhere. When you drive through the center, you don't immediately realize whether you are in Georgia or Ukraine," the outraged tourist said.

The Muscovite complained about "Russophobia" in the Georgian capital, but said that in other regions of the country she and her citizenship were treated calmly.

"If you go somewhere like Kakheti or Svaneti, you don't see that there anymore. People are all calm, friendly, there are no Ukrainian flags and no aggression towards Russians," the disgraced tourist said.

But the citizen of the aggressor country did not like Ukrainian flags in Tbilisi because they allegedly "spoiled the surroundings of the city." According to her, not only she but also her friends felt "tension" in Georgia.

Earlier, a video of street musicians (probably Russians) in Georgia singing Russian songs was shared online. One of the local residents, who apparently strongly condemns the occupation policy of the Russian Federation and does not want to listen to the music of the terrorist country at home, did not like it. He tried to stop the street concert of Russian performers.

And in the Oishi Sushi sushi bar in Tbilisi, a visitor from the Russian Federation was refused to speak Russian, saying that it was "the language of pigs." And the disgruntled tourist was advised to return to her "hole that Russians call a country." All the details are in our article.

Also, as OBOZREVATEL wrote, one of the tourists from Russia complained about Russophobia in Georgia. Moreover, the Russian woman had the audacity to express her dissatisfaction with the service in the country.

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