Is it true that cats pick up their owner's diseases: which breeds are the most sensitive

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Cuddling with a cat can improve your health

Cats have long been said to be able to find a sore spot in their human's body, lie down on it and relieve pain. Naturally, scientists became interested in this strong belief and wanted to check whether cats can really heal.

Concious Cat has analysed several studies on this topic and claims that yes, cats can indeed help improve human health. And there is no mysticism in this.

Less stress - stronger heart

Statistics collected on certain conditions in people with and without pets show that purr owners seek medical care less often, have fewer sleep problems, and do not need medication for cardiovascular diseases as often. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have estimated that cats can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 40%. This is due to the fact that they reduce the level of stress in their owners, as well as the associated high blood pressure, during communication.

Another study showed that of all pets, cats have the greatest anti-stress effect. Dogs are slightly inferior. And people who do not have a small companion suffer the most.

Of course, you should not entrust the task of treating your heart entirely to a cat - a cardiologist will understand the problem more professionally. But furry therapy will definitely enhance the effect of his prescriptions.

Healing purrs

Cat lovers consider their ability to purr to be one of the most remarkable features of felines. This sound is unlike anything else: it is still not known exactly how cats make it, but some studies show that it is not only pleasant, but also healing.

The secret lies in the frequencies at which the purr sounds - between 25 and 140 Hz. This sound accelerates tissue healing and bone fusion, relieves pain, reduces swelling, and helps restore muscles and tendons, joint mobility, and even helps fight shortness of breath. So, again, only a professionally applied plaster cast will help to heal a fracture well, but a plaster cast in tandem with purring will work even faster.

Down with loneliness!

Feelings of loneliness are considered to be one of the main factors that shorten life expectancy. And here, too, cats come to the rescue. Not only will they keep their human company, but they are often happy to make physical contact - sitting on their hands, rubbing against their legs, sleeping next to them. In the elderly, this significantly reduces the risk of depression and psychological disorders. However, it is also useful for restless (and not only) children.

What breed should I choose?

In fact, it doesn't really matter what breed of cat you choose. It depends more on the character of the particular animal. But, for example, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Abyssinian or Burmese cats, sphynxes, and Siamese are considered the most contact purrs. They will be more willing to interact with you.

Also, a fluffy cat can be more pleasant to the touch, and it is when we stroke a silky cat coat that we get rid of stress. So, Persians, Balinese, Nibelungs, Siberians or Norwegian Forest cats, as well as plush British and Scottish cats have an obvious advantage here.

And don't forget to adopt stray cats and kittens from shelters. As a rule, they are already well socialised and will be happy to be with the person who gave them a home and love.

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