Is it possible to delete a profile in Threads: what to do to prevent Instagram from disappearing at the same time

Threads and Instagram are closely related. Source: Pexels

The American company Meta created a new social network Threads in July. However, not all users know that deleting a profile on the new network will lead to the disappearance of the Instagram page.

The company has not yet found a way to solve this problem. However, OBOZREVATEL found out how you can avoid this yourself.

Delete all published material on the new network manually. This can be done using a special option in the menu, which can be found by clicking on the three dots in the corner. Also, delete all personal information in your bio and unsubscribe from your followers.

If you don't want to go through all that trouble, you can make your profile private. To do this, go to the Menu, select Privacy, then Private Profile and click OK.

You can also deactivate your page. This will not delete any data, it will still remain on Meta's servers, but it will not be publicly available. Your page will not be visible in search results and you will not be able to be tagged in posts. You can reactivate your profile at any time by simply logging in again.

To deactivate it, click the "Menu" button in your profile and go to your account, then "Deactivate profile" and "Deactivate Threads profile".

Unfortunately, it's impossible to completely delete a Threads page without consequences for Instagram. Therefore, if you are ready to say goodbye to your profiles on these social networks, go to Settings in the Instagram app, then Account Centre > Personal Data > Account Ownership and Control > Deactivate or Delete. Select the account you want to delete, click Delete account, and then click Continue.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL published instructions on how to save photos and videos from Instagram, bypassing the ban.

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