Is it possible to charge your smartphone several times a day: how to save the battery

Incorrect charging will damage the battery. Source: Pexels

In today's world, people can't imagine their lives without their phones, and a powerful battery allows us to use them for as long as possible. But keeping your gadgets charged throughout the day can be difficult when you're away from home.

Batteries lose their power over time and drain faster than before. So OBOZREVATEL gathered effective ways to help slow down this process.

Charging your phone with "particles" is not allowed. It will change the battery and strange things will happen. For example, the phone may turn off even if it does not require charging.

For the phone to work without unnecessary "glitches", the charge should not go below 20% and should not exceed 80%. This charge increases the efficiency of your phone. The battery should not be fully charged and discharged, as this reduces the life of the battery.

Use optimized charging. This is a feature on most smartphones designed to protect the battery for a long time. It slows down charging your gadget when it is plugged in and stops charging when it no longer needs it.

It also delays the smartphone from charging more than 80%. Because the artificial intelligence predicts that the phone will be plugged in for a long period of time (e.g. at night) and thus the charge will not be above the desired mark.

You should not use the fast charging function. Because it contributes to the degradation of the battery and after two years the battery will reduce its capacity by about 80%.

Do not allow your smartphone to be both warm and fully charged at the same time, as this will affect its performance. Keep the phone in the shade or a cool place in the heat.

The battery should be warm (25 to 40 degrees Celsius) while charging and discharging. But at other times the battery should be cool, perhaps 15 or 10 degrees Celsius. There are special apps that can help you determine the temperature of your gadget.

If you want to replace the battery, do a recalibration first. This process drains the battery to 0%. This procedure is not very useful, but it can prolong the life of the battery.

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