Is it necessary to dig a garden in the fall: instructions for summer residents

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Should garden be digged up in the fall?

It would seem that after a busy summer season, you can relax: the harvest is in, the preserves are ready, and the garden flowers have faded. However, experienced gardeners know that there is still a lot of work to be done in the fall. You need to prune the bushes, fertilize the soil, cover the roses, and dig up the garden.

And it's the latter that gardeners are not unanimous about. OBOZ.UA figured out whether it is worth digging up the beds in the fall.

Is it necessary to dig up the beds

Autumn digging of beds is a kind of tradition: Ukrainians have been doing it since their grandparents. However, digging up the garden itself is not a guarantee of a higher yield in the next season.

Digging up the beds is necessary when applying fertilizers - this way, fertilizing will bring more benefits. Digging up the garden is also necessary if the soil in the garden is highly acidic and deoxidation measures should be taken.

Digging will help to avoid waterlogging - after the autumn rains, moisture will be better absorbed and the soil will not "lie down"

In addition, it is necessary to dig up the bed if the site has not been cultivated before - this way you can save time on spring field work.

Is it necessary to do regular digging

Experts say that when digging, beneficial microorganisms that ensure soil fertility are exposed to the outside.

Therefore, regular digging can even lead to a decrease in fertility and a deterioration in yield. In fact, the nutrient layer is replaced by a less fertile one.

Thus, the first step is to determine the type of soil. Heavy and clay soils definitely need digging.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to fertilize the soil in the greenhouse in the fall to improve the next harvest.

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