In cinemas - "Asteroid City", "No Hard Feelings" and "The Black Demon": films that will not let you get bored at the weekend. Video

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A trip to the cinema is a great way to relax from all worries, turn off your head for a while and plunge into another world. This weekend, June 24 and 25, in cinemas everyone will find a movie to his or her liking, because the rental includes romantic comedies, horror and documentaries. By the way, you can watch them online.

OBOZREVATEL tell you about the new movies that you can go to see today. The cast and plot will definitely please you (to see the video, scroll to the end).

Asteroid City

Genre: comedy, romance

Starring Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Tilda Swinton and others.

The new film by cult American director Wes Anderson tells the story of the town of Asteroid City, which sprawls at the intersection of a long desert highway and railroad tracks, where only 87 people live. Events unfold in 1955 at a stargazing convention. Due to an emergency, the participants of the event are forced to stay there longer than they had planned.

No Hard Feelings

Genre: comedy 16+

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Bart Feldman, Laura Benanti, Matthew Broderick and others.

Director Gene Stupnicki's "No Hard Feelings" is a Hollywood youth romcom about sex. In the center of the plot of this film is Maddie, a cab driver, who, after her car is impounded, decides to find a new job in order not to lose her house as well. In the job list she sees a very unusual offer: the wealthy parents of a teenager Percy offer to date their son to help him become more uninhibited.

The Black Demon

Genre: horror, sci-fi, thriller

Starring Josh Lucas, Fernanda Urrejola, Hector Jimenez, Julio Cedillo and others.

The story revolves around a family of four: husband Paul, wife Inez, and their two children, Audrey and Tommy. They go to a picturesque place called the Côte d'Azur, located in California, for a vacation. However, Paul gets an assignment from his employers to go to a nearby oil platform and do an inspection there. However, no one knew that there was a giant prehistoric shark in the ocean waters.


Genre: Documentary

This film is the documentary debut of the Oscar-winning, two-time Cannes nominee and director of the second season of "Big Little Lies," Andrea Arnold. Over the course of four years, she observed the life of a black and white cash cow, named Luma. The New Yorker magazine calls the film "poignant and heartfelt" and "revealing the boundaries of art." And The New York Times describes it as a "sensory experience".

Earlier OBOZREVATEL reported that streaming platform Netflix showed teasers of the second season of the acclaimed series "Squid Game" and a reality show based on the film. The video features the cast of the upcoming season. Learn more at the link.

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