In Buryatia, a monument to the liquidated occupant in Ukraine was unveiled to music from "The Hunger Games". Video

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In Buryatia, a monument to the liquidated occupant in Ukraine was unveiled to the soundtrack from The Hunger Games.

A monument was unveiled in Buryatia to the Russian occupant Dmitry Farshinev, who was liquidated in Ukraine last April and was given the title of "Hero of Russia" posthumously in the aggressor state. The cloth from the bust on the huge pedestal, which for some unknown reason resembles the monuments installed by the occupiers to the liquidated "DNR" leader Alexander Zakharchenko, was removed to the soundtrack from the movie "The Hunger Games."

This trilogy is about a totalitarian state where brutal survival contests are held and shown as a reality show. This was pointed out in the local publication "People of Baikal".

On May 9, a monument to one of the Russian occupiers liquidated in Ukraine, local resident Dmitry Farshinev, was unveiled in the city of Kyakhta (Republic of Buryatia, Russian Federation). The bust on a high pedestal was installed in a park also named after Farshinev.

It is noteworthy that the right to remove the cloth from the bust, which bears little resemblance to the 21-year-old occupant and more resembles grotesque images of the liquidated former leader of the terrorists "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko gave his mother and one of the local officials - and they did it to the soundtrack from the movie "Hunger Games" Horn of Plenty by James Newton Howard.

The choice of musical accompaniment for the gala opening could not be more symbolic, since the trilogy tells the story of a totalitarian state with brutal survivalist contests and shows them as a reality show. Something similar is now happening in Russia, which has unleashed a brutal and senseless war against Ukraine and is sending hundreds of thousands of its soldiers to the slaughter.


The publication also noted that the bust of the "hero" cost the city budget of one of the poorest regions of the Russian Federation almost 2 million rubles. More than 6.5 million more was spent on the landscaping of the square named in honor of the occupant.


Dmitry Farshinev, 21, from Kyahta, who had time to fight in Syria in 2019, was liquidated on Ukrainian soil on April 5, 2022. Russia immediately invented the "heroic circumstances" of his liquidation: the occupant, who allegedly received several wounds, "selflessly" covered the retreat of his fellow soldiers, "holding back" about "7-8 APCs and "80-90 people" from the Defense Forces.

"Dmitry Farshinev was the commander of the infantry fighting vehicle, during the battle he personally destroyed 6 pieces of military equipment, including 1 tank, 2 APCs, 3 vehicles and up to 20 enemy personnel... He died a hero's death," - without blinking an eye the occupants at the monument dedication composed the "feat" of the invader.

At the same time Farshinev went home to Buryatia in a somewhat "disassembled form".

"It's impossible to tell about Farshinev. But there was such a thing! He burned," an employee of the local morgue told reporters.

We recall that on the morning of May 10, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced that the day before, AFU soldiers had eliminated 690 occupants.

Two tanks, eight artillery systems and other enemy military equipment were also destroyed.

Russia's total irrecoverable losses in manpower during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine reached 196,310 occupants.

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