If your cat howls: a strange sound can indicate serious problems

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The signs of the cat can be understood if you pay enough attention

Real cat lovers know how diverse the repertoire of sounds that furry animals make. A common meow can have several intonations, which will mean the whole range of feelings - from tenderness to threatening. However, a rather atypical sound for a cat is still a howl. It may indicate very serious problems.

OBOZREVATEL investigated what can mean when a cat howls. And how to understand that the animal really needs help. Here is a list of the most common causes of this sound.

A cat is hungry

A cat can have a million ways to tell its owner that it is hungry. Howling is one of them. Just fill the cat's bowl and watch what happens next. If the howling stops, problem solved. And you've learned another "word" from your pet's vocabulary. If the unpleasant howls continue, keep looking.

A cat craves attention

Not all cats need human attention - most behave more like hermits. But if you get a fluffy extrovert, be prepared for him to think of a thousand reasons to pay attention to himself. He'll wake you up at 5 a.m. just to see how handsome he is, learn to touch you with his paw, and, yes, howl nastily.

The cat is bored

Even the biggest introverts among cats still need all sorts of activities to release energy. As a rule, we are talking about active games - running after crumpled up paper, throwing things from a height, jumping on surfaces. But the cat himself is unlikely to supply himself with toys. Especially without damaging your belongings. So he might start howling, demanding that you give him something to amuse himself with. Give your fluffy cat something to do. In all likelihood, that will be enough for him.


Unexpected howls often signal the beginning of breeding season in cats. Especially females are susceptible to such howls. It sounds truly terrifying. Especially at night. If you're not planning to breed cats, don't torture yourself or your pet - sterilize the fluffy cat. Moreover, according to statistics, neutered cats live longer and do not suffer from some health problems.

A cat is in pain

Instinctively, cats tend to hide their pain. So if the animal began to howl, then it is necessary to take him immediately to the vet. Especially if suddenly a very young fluffy cat, not previously prone to such behavior, started behaving that way. Howling can be a symptom of arthritis or hyperthyroidism, a disorder that causes increased irritability, which is expressed particularly through howling.

A cat has developed cognitive dysfunction

As in humans, older cats can develop dementia. Behavioral disorders in this case are also similar. If the old person walks and grumbles and often quarrels with loved ones, the cat begins to howl. The animal ceases to understand what is happening around him and expresses its discontent through unpleasant sounds. Treat this behavior by providing your cat with digestible food, especially before bedtime, a comfortable bed where he won't be disturbed, and plenty of late-night playtime. That way your old grump will be tired and at least he won't disturb you at night with his cries.

A cat with behavioural problems

If a young cat starts to howl and none of the above methods have produced results, then there is reason to suspect a behavioral disorder in the cat. Try to keep a log of everything your cat does. Write down exactly when it howls, and try to figure out what triggers it. For example, the cat might howl when a stranger comes into the house, or conversely, when a family member is away for a long time. Or started misbehaving after moving in. Cats can respond to stress by howling - find the cause of the stress and eliminate it if possible. If you can't find the trigger yourself, find a cat behaviorist. Most importantly, don't get rid of the animal. Any problem can be solved with a little effort and love.

Previously, OBOZREVATEL told you how to understand that the cat is bored, and how to entertain him properly.

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