If he is too indecisive: seven rules that will make your lover propose

TikTok blogger tells how she finally got her boyfriend to propose to her

Marriage - an important step to which both partners in a couple need to mature. But what to do if you want to approach the moment of proposal and engagement?

TikTok user Isabelle Lux, who runs a skincare account, shared with her followers how she managed to get her boyfriend to propose to her after seven years of romance. She outlined her experience in the form of seven rule tips. According to Isabel, she followed these principles for six months and finally got the coveted ring.

Men don't take the hint

Isabelle made this rule more rigid by listing "men are stupid" as the first item on her list. She urged to keep this in mind at all times and never change your mind.

Live together before getting engaged

Only in this way your partner will be able to understand exactly what your married life will be like. And will stop being afraid of the next step. At least that's what the author of the list thinks.

Go somewhere without him for a few days

Leaving for quite a long time without your care, the partner will see how much you do for him. And will realize how valuable you are in his life.

Make the small decisions and leave the big ones to him

According to Isabel, men think big, so your partner should be relieved of the need to make small household decisions. And take it all on yourself

Apply perfume at night

This point the blogger called "psychological weapon". The smell of your perfume before bedtime should become a trigger for your partner, without which he will not be able to sleep properly. Thus, without getting this trigger before bedtime, he will think that it is because of your absence. Therefore, use a drop of the same fragrance every time you go to bed.

Stop asking him to do something

Instead of directly asking your boyfriend to do some of the chores, Isabelle recommended complaining about things you can't do. For example, that a garbage bag is too heavy or an item is too high. That way, the man will feel like a real savior when he gets the job done. In this way, Isabelle said, you will be in control of the situation.

Stop planning dates

According to the blogger, a man should enjoy taking care of things like romantic encounters. Therefore, this big role should completely belong to him.

Reactions to the advice

The blogger herself called her advice a "manipulation manual". And some commenters took it that way. "This is wild, I can't believe it's real," wrote one of those who left a response under the video. "So, the main idea behind the stunt is to make it clear that he misses how useful his house cleaner is. So he'll end up marrying her," another commented sarcastically. "If you want a man to love you, be yourself and socialize," advised another. "I didn't do any of those things and my boyfriend proposed after 8 months," boasted a commenter. Some even called the advice bullshit.

But most of those who saw the video were still thrilled with the advice. Especially from the advice about perfume at night.

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