Ideal neighbors: what flowers are best to plant near a rose

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The right neighborhood will help to promote the health of rose bushes.

The right pairing of plants in the garden can not only keep them mutually safe from pests or attract insect pollinators. When it comes to flowers, well-chosen pairs can stimulate flowering and make it more lush.

OBOZREVATEL learned what plants will be good neighbors for roses. According to experienced florists, they will strengthen the health of the bush and help it to release more buds.


Thanks to its distinctive fragrance, this flower repels typical rose pests such as aphids, spider mites and prevents powdery mildew and other diseases. The smell of lavender also attracts butterflies and bees, which help to pollinate any plants in the garden. It is better to plant lavender at a distance of 30-40 cm from rose bushes, in the sunny part of the plot. The flower needs well-drained soil. But it tolerates drought well.


The essential oils in this flower strengthen the immunity of the plants in the neighborhood. The rose also responds to this pairing by intensifying the fragrance of the flowers. Chamomile is also attractive to ladybugs - these bugs kill aphids that are dangerous to the queen of flowers. Chamomile will need plenty of sunlight and rich soil. However, it will also grow well among rose bushes. Or it can be planted around the perimeter of a rose garden.


Somewhat contrasting to the rose in shape and size, carnation has antifungal and antiseptic properties, so it will protect its neighbor from various infections. In particular, from gray rot and black spot. Carnations need sunlight and moderate watering. These flowers are well suited as a border for a flowerbed, although they will feel well among roses.


Another fragrant plant that will protect rose bushes from various infections. Since the flowers of melissa are rather inconspicuous, this herb can be used to make beautiful foliage borders for a bed of roses. But it is better to keep the plant in containers, because in the open ground it quickly grows and can take over the entire plot.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL told, than correctly feed rose bushes in the summer to increase the number of flowers.

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