Hungary says Ukraine "will not receive a penny" from the EU budget until its demands are met

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The EU is preparing a multi-year support programme for Ukraine
The EU is preparing a multi-year support programme for Ukraine

The head of the Hungarian prime minister's administration, Gergely Gulyás, said that Ukraine would not receive a single penny of money from the EU budget until Hungary itself receives full funding. The fact is that financial assistance to Ukraine requires the consent of all EU countries, so the Hungarian authorities are actually threatening the entire European Union.

Gulyás made this statement at a government briefing. "Changing the EU budget requires the unanimous support of all EU members. A non-EU country (Ukraine - ed.) will not receive a single penny while an EU country (Hungary - ed.) will receive everything it is entitled to according to the law," RIA Novosti quoted the official as saying.

Hungary's payments are being frozen due to violations of democratic principles, corruption, and human rights violations in the country. Thus, the EU countries are trying to force the Hungarian authorities to return to democratic principles.

It should be noted that back in December 2022, a number of EU countries insisted on blocking payments to Hungary. We are talking about 6.3 billion euros. The reason for this decision was a violation of democratic standards in the country. Previously, Hungary received funds from the EU in response to unblocking important decisions (sanctions against Russia, financial support for Ukraine).

In the European Union, each member state has a veto power. This has led to the fact that the pro-Russian position of the Hungarian authorities has delayed the adoption of sanctions packages against the EU.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Hungary has stated that the European Union could be destroyed because of the sanctions. Prime Minister Viktor Orban actually repeats the theses of Russian propaganda.

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