Human sex can be determined by hand odor: scientists show how it works

Study of the odor of human hands

Each person has a different odor and behind it, even without seeing the appearance, it is possible to determine the gender of the owner. Scientists say that this can be done with a special device for analyzing proteins.

The study, which was published by PLOS ONE, involved 30 men and 30 women. To do this, they had odor samples taken from their palms.

A team of scientists from Florida International University's Global Center for Forensic Science and Justice analyzed odor samples using different static methods to correctly determine a person's gender.

They took swabs from the palms of their hands using cotton-gauze swabs an hour or more after they last washed their hands. After testing the samples, the researchers compared several statistical analyses, one of which predicted gender with 96.67% accuracy.

Human hands have an odor composed of volatile chemicals (these are elements that can evaporate). Oily secretions from the skin can leave traces on surfaces along with fingerprints and DNA particles.

According to the scientists, such a method could be used in forensic studies in the future if other biological samples are not enough. But they warn that much more research is needed to improve the technology.

There was also an experiment where they found that well-trained dogs can recognize a person who touched an object at a crime scene by smell.

"Even in such cases where no physical fingerprints or DNA is found, evidence from a person's scent can be recovered and used as an individualizing feature in an investigation," the scientists said.

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