How to wean a cat from going to the toilet in the garden or vegetable garden: four effective methods

Cats often choose a garden or a city for wiping out. Source: Pexels

When the owners are tending to the vegetable garden or the garden, the last thing you want to see is a cat going to the bathroom there. This unpleasant sight is very annoying to witnesses.

Such a habit can harm flowers or seedlings in the garden and vegetable garden. Therefore, OBOZREVATEL gathered effective methods how to wean from this pet.

Cat feces contain parasites, so their presence in the soil can provoke poisoning or lead to other diseases if you eat vegetables from the bed. To prevent this, follow these tips.

Plant plants that repel cats

There is a special plant that will keep the cat from making a toilet out of your garden - it's a dog coleus. It has a pungent smell that scares away not only cats but other pets as well. Also, lavender, rosemary, ruta, citrus skins and coffee grounds do not attract furry cats.

Watering devices

Install an automatic watering system: such devices will not only moisten the soil, but also scare the cats with jets of water.

Physical barriers

To make a certain area uncomfortable for the cat, cover it with stone mulch or pine cones. You can also place the plants densely next to each other, which will leave no room for the pet.

Special area

If the cat does like your garden, give it its own corner. Put sand in it and add catnip or a few pieces of cat excrement.

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