How to wash strawberry stains on clothes: seasonal tips

Strawberry juice can leave traces that are not easy to get rid of. Source: Pexels

Every year we look forward to summer to enjoy delicious fresh berries, especially sweet strawberries. However, when bright red stains from berry juice appear on our clothes, we immediately spoil our mood, because we don't know what to do about it.

In such situations, you should act quickly, because it is easier to get rid of the stain when it is fresh. OBOZREVATEL gathered effective ways to solve this problem.

Boiling water will help remove the stain without any hassle. Soak the place where there is a stain, but in no case do not add detergents. Because this will only make the situation worse.

A salt solution will also come in handy. Mix salt in water so that it forms a thin porridge and soak the clothes. When the stain is gone, rinse the clothes with water to get rid of any traces of salt.

Citric acid is an indispensable aid in removing limescale and stains. Dilute one teaspoon of acid in a glass of water and soak the soiled cloth. It is necessary to wait for 20 minutes, but if traces of strawberries remain, repeat the procedure again.

To get rid of berry juice on colored clothes, you can use glycerin. Apply 40 grams of liquid to the stain and wait for 2 hours, then wash the clothes in warm water.

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