How to wash off grease in cold water: grandma's tricks

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The dishes will shine if you use these remedies

Sometimes situations arise where dishes have to be washed in cold water. Camping conditions, temporary disconnection, etc. But often in such circumstances, even a strong factory-made detergent does not cope with grease. Moreover, it is not very well washed off with cold water. In this case, the help can come to the aid of our grandmothers' flyhacks.

They often washed dishes without access to hot water. And at the same time used completely natural means. OBOZREVATEL tells what you can replace the usual liquid to get rid of grease on pans and plates.


This powder has great cleaning power and can be used everywhere in the house. Including in the care of dishes. Soda is good at dissolving grease and also acts as a mild abrasive that cleans dishes mechanically. It is simply applied to the surface of the item to be washed, rubbed with a sponge or soft cloth and rinsed off. The product is easily removed without leaving behind any residue or odor.

Mustard powder

This culinary ingredient, thanks to the baking substances in its composition, breaks down fat very well. Mustard powder can be used like baking soda, or it can be mixed with water to a paste-like consistency and used in this form. However, it will have to be washed off a little more thoroughly than baking soda.


Like baking soda, flour acts as a mild abrasive on the surface. In addition, this product absorbs grease and excess moisture. To properly use flour while washing dishes, you need to pour a small amount on a dry surface and rub it lightly. After that, the residue is shaken off and the object is rinsed. If flour is moistened, it can stick to the surface, because it contains a lot of gluten and immediately turns into dough. This is why it is used as a dry cleaner.


This method seems rather strange, but it is no less effective than all the previous ones. Like baking soda, ash has an alkaline reaction, which means that it breaks down grease well. It is used in the same way - pour it on a dirty dish, rub the surface to be cleaned and wash it off.

Household soap

Unlike other soaps, laundry soap rinses off well even with cold water. It can be used by applying it to a sponge, or a dishwashing solution can be prepared. It should be washed off thoroughly. In addition to degreasing, laundry soap also has a mild antibacterial effect.

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