How to use a napkin in a restaurant: etiquette rules

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Proper use of napkins will help to maintain neatness during meals.

A well-mannered person at the table should not only use the cutlery correctly. The napkin should also be placed in the appropriate place so that it does not disturb anyone. And not only did it help to maintain neatness, but it also looked appropriate.

OBOZREVATEL inquired about the rules of etiquette that apply to napkins. And not only textile napkins, but also paper ones.

If you use cloth napkins to set the table, before you start a meal, you should take the one in front of you, fold it in half and put it on your lap. This will signal to the restaurant staff that you are ready to start eating.

Use only the inside, the side of the napkin that is turned towards you. This way, other diners won't see how many stains you've managed to leave on it. After the meal, the item is also rolled up with the clean side out.

You should wipe your mouth with a napkin not only if you get dirty. You should also do this before drinking a drink. This will leave fewer marks on the glass.

If you need to leave the table for a short time, do not place the napkin on the chair. It should be neatly folded and placed to the left of the plate. The napkin should not be placed on the right side of the plate, in part because it is on the right side that waiters bring the food and it will interfere with them. It's also easier to accidentally brush it on the floor.

Only paper napkins should be placed in the plate, as they are disposable and should be disposed of immediately after use. Do not place cloth napkins in this way, as they will become heavily stained with food residue.

If a napkin falls on the floor, you should not bend down to pick it up. Waiters should monitor such situations and offer a replacement in a timely manner. If this incident has passed their attention, ask for it yourself.

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