How to transplant strawberries in the fall to have bigger harvest

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Properly transplanted strawberries will yield well the following summer

The preparation for the harvest begins in the fall of the previous year if you are a good gardener. This applies directly to such a wonderful berry as strawberries. This season is the season of its transplanting.

OBOZREVATEL tells how to do it correctly. If you do it right, the next harvest will be amazing. Only young bushes are suitable for the transplant procedure. Old plants can stop fruiting.

How to prepare for transplanting strawberries

Preparation for transplanting strawberries begins about a month in advance. The first step should be the preparation of the soil. The bed should be dug and enriched with fertilizer. An all-purpose or organic fertilizer will go well.

It is also important to take into account what plant was grown on the bed, where the strawberry will "move". Yield largely depends on the correct alternation of crops. Parsley and garlic are good predecessors for strawberries. If tomatoes, potatoes or cabbage were there, it will grow worse and can become infected with Verticillosis.

Strawberries should also be transferred to pre-loosened soil. To do this, the bed should be treated with rakes and well-leveled. To form even rows, stretch rope along the site.

How to transplant strawberries properly

Plants propagated by branches or bush division should be transferred to a new place. It is better to take those that were recently dug up and have a lump of earth from the old place on the roots. Thus, before digging up the beds, water it properly. Too long roots can be slightly trimmed before planting.

The bushes can be planted with a bipedal and tricuspid method. They differ in the distance between the beds. In both cases, the rows should be at a distance of 40 cm from each other, and the bushes at 30 cm. If you choose bipartite seeding, the distance between the beds is 80 cm, with a three-barrel method of 120 cm. In any case, the middle part of the strawberry bush should remain at ground level.

If you plant different varieties of strawberries next to one another, make sure that they are at a propr distance. This will help to avoid over-pollination, which is often unsuccessful.

Harden the plants before transplanting. To do this, the bushes should be dropped for 15 minutes in hot water, and then in cold water for another 15 minutes.

The ideal weather for transplanting strawberries is rain. It is also good to choose the evening time for the procedure. This will allow you to save moisture at the roots of the plant and keep intact root earth clod. The optimal time for this is early fall, while the earth is still warm, no later than a month before the beginning of frost. You can also transplant berries in the spring and summer.

When the work is finished, the soil with strawberries should be mulched. For example, grass straw will be suitable. To insulate the ground for the winter, you can use fallen leaves.

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