How to store walnuts: won't spoil by spring

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How to store walnuts

The walnuts harvest season lasts until mid-October. This is a useful product, rich in vitamins and minerals, which stimulates brain function, improves memory and concentration.

If you follow the rules of storage of nuts you can enjoy them until spring, they will retain their flavor and useful properties. OBOZREVATEL found effective tips that will help to cope with this.

In walnuts can occur oxidation of fats, so they lose texture and taste, they become soft and bitter.

Avoid light and moisture

Moisture and ultraviolet rays have a negative effect on nuts. Therefore, it is better to store them in opaque containers, bags or sacks. All containers should be airtight, so that foreign odors can not get inside.

You can also use glass jars. But they should be sterilized and made sure they are dry. Fill the jar to the brim to avoid air inside, this will help prevent the nuts from oxidizing. Be sure to close the jar with a lid so that there are no crevices through which moisture can get in.


It is better to store such a product in a dry and cool place. The optimal temperature is between 0°C and 4°C. This can be a refrigerator or a cellar, if there is no mold and fungus.

Shelf life

If all the rules are followed, walnuts can be stored for up to 12 months. But it is better to consume them within 6 months while they are fresh.

If you feel an unpleasant smell and taste, and the texture has become soft, it means that they have spoiled and you should get rid of them. Also pay attention to the appearance, there may be dark spots or even mold.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL published the most effective ways that will help to easily clean walnuts.

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