How to store onions so that there are no gnats: practical tips

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How to store onions correctly

It is time to harvest the onion crop. You start digging when the feathers turn yellow and lay down. However, the harvest time depends on the variety and weather conditions.

Onions are not so simple: gnats can appear on them after a few months of storage. OBOZREVATEL discovered how to store onions so that there are no gnats.

Where to store onions

Do not store them in plastic bags as vegetables will quickly spoil due to lack of air.

Experienced gardeners advise choosing a well-ventilated container. As an option, you can use wooden crates and baskets. Cardboard boxes are also suitable, but you need to cut holes.

Our grandmothers used to store onions in tights. In addition, you can buy special nets.

A remedy for gnats

When gnats appear, you need to immediately re-select the onions and throw away the spoiled ones. It is important to remove the excess husk and transfer the bulbs to a new clean container.

Specialists advise preparing a "trap" for gnats in advance. We put the rotten fruit in a three-liter jar and pour a small amount of water over it. The lid should not be used. The jar should be covered with food film with holes. Put the jar in places where midges are thriving.

How to prevent the appearance of midges

First of all, onions should be dried properly. The crop should be stored at a temperature not higher than +22 ° C in the house and not lower than +1 +5 ° C in the basement.

The air humidity should be no higher than 80%. It is necessary to shift onions and remove excess husks from time to time.

Vegetable gardeners also advise storing onions next to carrots. Gnats do not like this root vegetable very much.

By the way, yellowing can be a "symptom" of the development of diseases or the appearance of pests. Yellowed leaves also indicate the appearance of bacterial and bottom rot. Damaged plants should be removed immediately and the bed treated with fungicides.

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