How to store cabbage properly so that it can be used right up to spring

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How to preserve cabbage

The beginning of autumn is a period of active harvesting. Preparation for the long cold weather begins, so it is necessary to ensure optimal storage conditions for vegetable crops.

If stored incorrectly, vegetables will begin to spoil, rot and lose their juiciness and flavor. To know how to store cabbage properly so that it is used right up to spring, read OBOZREVATEL material.

How to store cabbage in the cellar or basement

Cabbage can be stored even in the refrigerator and on the balcony. Of course, the ideal solution would be a cellar, but not everyone has one.

The main thing is to observe the correct temperature from -1...+5℃ and air humidity at the level of 85-95%. In such conditions, the cobs will live up to the spring.

First of all, disinfect and check if there are no pests and rodents in the room. The cellar should be thoroughly cleaned, ventilated and dried. If there is mold on the walls, get rid of it as soon as possible.

Can you store in in boxes

When choosing a method of storage, pay attention to the variety of cabbage, the number and size of cabbages and the conditions in the room.

Experienced gardeners advise using ordinary boxes as containers. Before storing, cut the core, but do not touch the top layer of leaves. It is better to choose wooden boxes with ventilation holes. To prevent cabbage from rotting, put the boxes on a stand or tray.

How sand may help

Sand is used to keep the maximum nutrients in cabbage. Before laying it, it is thoroughly dried and calcined or excess moisture will lead to spoilage of the crop. Clean the cobs from the top layer, trim them, put them in a box and cover each layer with sand.

Storing in paper

The sprouts can also be wrapped in several layers of paper and placed in crates or even bags. This is a great and effective way to insulate and protect from excess moisture, light or contact with other crops.

As an alternative to paper, it is advised to use food film, which will also protect the cabbages from freezing and excessive moisture.

Can you hang cabbage crop

Cabbage has been hung up since ancient times. Tie it with a reliable rope and hang the crop on nails.

Hanging will provide constant ventilation and will prevent rotting.

What to do with rotted areas

If you do not want to throw away cabbage with rotten areas, experts advise cutting off the damaged leaves and use the healthy part for cooking as soon as possible. It is better to subject such cabbage to heat treatment.

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