How to stop a cat from scratching furniture and wallpaper: effective tips

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Cats often scratch furniture and wallpaper

Owners buy their cats many different toys and special items designed for their pet's claws. However, felines still scratch furniture and wallpaper.

The cat can be weaned from this, but first you need to identify the reasons for this behaviour. OBOZREVATEL will help you figure it out.

Pets need sharp claws to protect themselves and their territory in case of danger. And in an apartment, furniture or wallpaper is a suitable tool for this.

Also, when cats scratch the walls, they leave their scent and show other animals that this is their territory.

Fluffy cats can experience a lot of stress and show it to their owners by such behaviour. This can be caused by moving, the appearance of other animals in the apartment, the birth of a child, or renovations. Cats can be anxious and resentful of their owners.

If you bring a kitten into your home that has been weaned too early, expect scratches on the furniture. The kitten hasn't yet learned the basics of behaviour in the world, so it is guided by natural instincts.

It will take a lot of effort to wean a cat off spoiling the renovation. To begin with, reduce or eliminate factors that can cause stress or negatively affect the cat.

Buy a scratching post, which is a wooden post or board upholstered with rough material. It should be stable and taller than the animal standing on its hind legs. But if there are several animals in the house, each should have its own scratching post.

Show the cat a new object and teach it how to use it. Bring the animal to the scratching post and run its paw over the surface. Repeat this several times. Praise your cat and give him treats when he sharpens his nails correctly.

If the cat still spoils the wallpaper, clap your hands loudly or splash water on it when it does it. This will give the cat an unpleasant memory when it wants to do it again.

You can also simply trim your cat's nails, and it will not be able to scratch anything.

There are special protective claw caps made of silicone, soft plastic, or rubber. At first, the animal will not like them, but after a few days, it will get used to them. The caps fall off by themselves when the claw grows back, so they need to be changed regularly.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how to understand what a cat wants by its body language.

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