How to sharpen a knife with improvised means: a quick way

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You can always find an item to help make your knife blade sharp again.

A sharp knife is not only convenient, but also much safer than a dull one. It slips less and works faster and more efficiently, it is much easier to handle. That's why you need to sharpen knives in time. But what to do if you don't have special devices at hand that will make the blade work again?

Edition Sante Plus has collected some spectacular, albeit non-obvious ways. A tool for sharpening a knife can be made from improvised materials.

River stone

A small river pebble with an abrasive surface will replace a bar sharpener if you don't have one on hand. Rub it on the blade in the direction away from the point and your knife will soon be sharp and effective again.

Another knife

This method is used by chefs when they need to get a tool in shape quickly. Hold the knife you are sharpening firmly with the blunt edge facing up. In your other hand, take the one you are sharpening and rub its blade against the blunt edge at a 30 degree angle. Run the blade back and forth a few times and your knife will be ready to work again.

Car glass

The ends of auto glass are abrasive enough to serve as a knife sharpener. Therefore, you can use this method in camping conditions. Lower the glass and make a few movements with the knife blade along its edge. Often it is better not to do this, because than to chip the edge of the glass.

Nail file

You can also use a regular stiff nail file as an abrasive for sharpening. Lay it on a flat surface and run a blunt knife over it. Already after a few minutes it will become perceptibly sharper. The main thing here is not to rub too hard, because the grain of the saw can be quite large for a knife and damage it with excessive effort.

Ceramic utensils

Another surface option that can sharpen a knife is the edge on the back of ceramic cookware. It is rough to the touch and quite strong. Simply place the cup or bowl upside down and use this edge to sharpen your knife.

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