How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

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How to take a cheap vacation in Amsterdam

Amsterdam with its long canals, smiling cyclists and magical architecture can scare any tourist with incredible prices. However, if you start preparing for your trip in advance, you'll be surprised at the number of ways you can save money on your trip. All you need to do is spend a little time and read through our travel tips and tricks.

Book everything in advance

A hotel room, a plane ticket or even a museum. Everything needs to be chosen and booked in advance, but approach this matter wisely.

Let's start with choosing a period for your vacation. In Amsterdam there are a lot of festivals, at this time the prices are the highest. It is also unprofitable to travel on holidays such as Easter, New Year, Netherlands Day or Christmas.

The peak of the tourist season is in May-September. Although already from March, when the tulips bloom, thousands of foreigners come to this city. It is logical that business at this time is trying to profit from guests as much as possible.

The cheapest months for traveling are traditionally considered to be October-February. The cold season in the Netherlands is not so cold, but quite wet and rainy. Therefore, bring an umbrella and warm boots. Despite everything, even in the fall and winter, this city will charm you with its atmosphere (and will also allow you to stay on the money).

Book tickets and hotel rooms at least 3 months in advance. This way you will be able to grab the best and cheapest options. But you should think everything through well so that at the last moment your plans don't change and you don't lose your investment.

How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

Get to Amsterdam on Monday

This advice doesn't work with every tourist city in the world, but in this case it is relevant. Amsterdam is a small town, ideal for a weekend vacation. It is easy to get here from anywhere in Europe, which is used by residents of neighboring countries. Therefore, these days the prices here are the highest.

Try to visit the Dutch capital in the middle of the week or even on a Monday. You will be surprised by almost empty streets, reduced hotel prices and many entertainment options for pennies. Even so, observe the first point and plan ahead. Impromptu and economy are incompatible.

How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

Don't try to find a hotel farther away from the center

At first glance it seems that the further away from the historical center you choose accommodation, the more profitable it will be. But this is not the case. You will have to constantly spend on transportation, and the connection can be quite inconvenient. And here you will get additional costs for ferries, cabs, subways... It is better to settle in areas that are not far from the sights, but also that the prices are adequate.

You'll find the best value for money in Jordan, Plantation, the Eastern Isles and south of Vondelpark.

How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

Buy season tickets

There are several types of them, so choose which ones are right for you. First of all, consider a season ticket. This is a very handy thing if you plan to travel around the city. It will save you a few dozens of euros.

Next step: decide if you are eligible for discounts at museums and other cultural venues. Discounted tickets are available for senior citizens, students and representatives of various professions, including teachers, culture experts, journalists, etc.

If you are under 30 years old, be sure to get a youth card. It offers many different benefits, such as discounts on travel, accommodation, health insurance, access to attractions, etc. It costs about 14 euros (the price may vary slightly depending on the country where you get it). This system is valid in 36 EU countries, you need to renew it once a year. Quite convenient and profitable if you are a frequent traveler.

There is also a museum card in the Netherlands. This is a subscription that covers the cost of admission tickets to 450 cultural objects of the country. It costs about 65 euros, so it is suitable only for those who are going to visit a lot of exhibitions and expositions.

How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

Get around on foot or by bicycle

Walking is the best option to explore the center of Amsterdam. There are no rushing hills or uncomfortable paths, so there's nothing to stop you from having a good time.

But if you want to embrace the local culture, get on a bike. Two-wheeled transportation in this city is preferred by the vast majority of people. And the rental prices will pleasantly surprise you.

How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

Bypass the tourist restaurants

Amsterdam, like any other tourist city, has many expensive eating establishments. But there are also many budget cafes and bistros here. So don't hesitate to ask the locals where you can have a good meal for not all the money in the world. You will be shown such restaurants that will find something to surprise you.

In addition, you can also cook your own dinner. To do this, visit one of the markets, where you can inexpensively buy products. But then take care of accommodation with a kitchen, otherwise this plan will fail.

How to save money on a trip to Amsterdam: 6 proven ways to save money

In general, though, you should use only one rule when traveling: always plan ahead. And don't get upset if something doesn't go the way you wanted it to. It's your vacation and you can always make any adjustments. Do not be afraid of change, they are all for the better.

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