How to save indoor flowers from yellowing: a product that is in every kitchen will help

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Fertilising with coffee grounds will provide the weakened plant with nutrients

The slightest changes in the conditions of indoor plants can affect their condition. Lack of lighting, insufficient or excessive watering, temperature changes - and now the leaves begin to turn yellow and wither. At this stage, it is important not only to correct all care mistakes as soon as possible, but also to properly feed the plant so that it has the strength to recover.

As OBOZREVATEL has found out, a simple product available in almost every kitchen can be such a top-up. We are talking about ordinary coffee. More precisely, the coffee grounds that remain after brewing the drink.

Coffee beans contain phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, which are so necessary for plants. When the beans are turned into spent grounds, the concentration of these substances is significantly reduced and becomes safe for feeding indoor plants.

To use the pulp as a fertiliser, you need to take a small amount of dry mass, sprinkle it on the soil in the pot of the bored plant, and gently loosen the top layer of soil so that the pulp penetrates. In this way, the soil in the pot will become more loose - permeable to air and water, and the thickening will slowly release nutrients through the root system of the plant during each subsequent watering.

It is important to add the product so that it does not get on the leaves. This can leave spots on them and even lead to the death of individual leaves.

An important caveat is that you should not feed indoor plants with freshly ground coffee. In this state, it contains nutrients in too high a concentration, which can cause significant damage to a weakened plant and even kill it.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how to properly wipe the leaves of indoor plants to keep them healthy and shiny.

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