How to save cherries and sweet cherry trees from starlings: proven methods

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Birds often attack orchard berries

Starlings, sparrows, jays, and tits do the most damage to fruit trees - and it's not just the loss of berries. Birds damage branches and are carriers of parasitic fungi.

Cherry trees and sweet cherry trees are especially affected by "raids" - birds love the rich juicy fruits. OBOZREVATEL figured out how to save these berries from starlings.

Install special nets

Garden stores and supermarkets sell special nets to protect trees. The green color contributes to the fact that they too stand out against the background of the garden interior. The nets are absolutely safe. They do not interfere with the formation or ripening of fruits. As a "home" alternative, you can use old tulle.

Scented handy trick.

Birds are sensitive to smells. Experienced gardeners advise spraying trees with a variation of the tincture. There are three main scents that will deter starlings:

  • garlic;
  • pine;
  • citrus.

The disadvantage of this method is short-lived. The fragrance will wear off after the first rain, so the procedure will have to be repeated.


Sound Effects

Birds do not like harsh sounds. Often owners hang the following things on branches to scare starlings away from cherries and cherries:

  • plastic bags;
  • Christmas tinsel;
  • brightly colored foil;
  • old CDs;
  • children's wind-up toys.

Under the influence of the wind, they will create noise effects that will drive birds away from the tree.

By the way, experts recommend planting 2-3 saplings of cherry trees next to each other - so they will pollinate each other. And if you are still in doubt about what kind of sweet cherry tree to choose for a rich harvest, OBOZREVATEL selected the top 6 sweetest species.

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