How to revitalize zamioculcas: tips to help grow giant plants

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Zamioculcas can grow very large with a little effort

Zamioculcas, or the dollar tree, is a houseplant that can grow really big if it is properly cared for. Yes, it belongs to the succulents that can easily tolerate missed watering or a not-very-comfortable temperature regime. However, if you want to grow a truly luxurious green bush, you will have to learn how to take care of it in the best possible way.

Fortunately, this is not difficult. Even if your plant has begun to turn yellow or rot due to improper watering, you can revive it and restore it to its luxurious appearance with a little effort. OBOZ.UA will tell you exactly how to do it.

Prepare a special soil

As a rule, indoor plant lovers use ready-made soil mixtures for planting zamioculcas: all-purpose or for succulents. This will be enough for an unpretentious flower, but if you want to grow a really large plant, it is better to prepare the substrate for it yourself.

To do this, find and purchase a special soil for this particular species - you can easily order it online - and then add some inorganic substrate to it. It can be zeolite, crushed volcanic lava, purified pumice, perlite, etc. Specially prepared sand is also suitable. Such an additive will act as drainage. Thanks to it, the soil will easily pass air, and water will not stagnate in it, which is good for the roots of the plant. Do not forget to pour a layer of expanded clay on the bottom of the pot

Keep an eye on watering

As we've already mentioned, zamioculcas is a succulent, which means that it does not tolerate excessive watering. Therefore, add water to the soil only when its top layer is well-dried. It is because of excessive watering that the plant begins to get sick and rot. Therefore, if your zamioculcas begins to show signs of overwatering, stop moistening it and wait until the soil in the pot is completely dry. The plant will tolerate drought better than stagnant water.

Don't forget about fertilizing

Since zamioculcas grows on a rather poor substrate, consistent fertilization will be very appropriate if you want a large and lush plant. All-purpose ready-made fertilizers or specialized mixtures for ornamental foliage plants are well suited for this species. Use them according to the instructions. However, you can also give the plant a slightly reduced dose of fertilization because it tolerates a deficit much better than an excess.

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