How to remove marker stains from a coach: lifehack for parents

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Children love to paint all around and may use different surfaces for it

If you have a little artist living in your house, anything can become a canvas. It can be wallpaper on the wall, furniture, leather sofa or armchair. They will also paint with whatever comes to hand. It can be ballpoint pens and even permanent markers, the traces of which are the most difficult to remove.

The little daughter of TikTok blogger Claire Edwards likes to draw in this way. Therefore, her mom invented a life hack how to remove the traces of her creativity without difficulty. She shared it with her subscribers. (To watch the video, scroll to the end of the news)

"This is just crazy," the blogger captioned her video. She shows a chair covered in brown leather and painted with a marker. The little artist who created the masterpiece is also seen.

Claire takes a sunscreen spray for the skin, applies it to the dirty chair, leaves it for a few seconds and erases the traces of permanent marker easily. The number of views of this amazing lifehack has passed over a million.

Users expressed their delight at how easy it is to remove marker marks in this way. Some have shared their selfies. Medical alcohol can also help get rid of stains. Users also praised the effectiveness of nail polish remover and hairspray.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL shared how to remove fingerprints from different surfaces.

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