How to put together the perfect capsule wardrobe for all occasions: tips for 2023

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A capsule wardrobe should include at least 10 items

A capsule wardrobe is the salvation of every girl, because it saves not only time and effort, but also money. This is a limited set of basic items that covers all the needs of the fair sex. By collecting one or more capsules, you can always be on top of your game and forget about the problem of having nothing to wear.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you what elements should be included in a capsule wardrobe so that ladies no longer have questions about what to wear with what. Experts define the number of clothes in different ways. Some believe that the optimal number is 30, others - 15, and still others limit it to ten (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

Black jeans

Black jeans will be a great base for both a casual outfit and a trip to the club or a meeting. Classics are always in fashion. Buy a pair of discreet ink-coloured jeans without any decorations.


Cosy sweater

A versatile item in your wardrobe. It can be worn both in winter under a down jacket and in summer over a combination dress. Choose neutral colours and a loose fit.


Black turtleneck

Another indispensable item in your wardrobe. It can be played up in any way you want. Going on a date? Wear a turtleneck with a miniskirt and oversized jacket. Going to the countryside? Throw on a jumper and complete the look with mom jeans.


Leather jacket

A leather jacket for all seasons and times. Just remember, in 2023, monochrome items without decor and prints are considered the most fashionable. Fitted models are out of fashion.


Oversized hoodie

This part of the wardrobe is a must-have for every fashionista, because a hoodie can create a super stylish look. Alternatively, wear this piece with skinny jeans and sneakers or a summer dress and stilettos.


Maxi skirt

Maxi skirts make the wearer look very feminine and sexy. Combine with cropped T-shirts for a classic summer silhouette or a tight jumper to look stylish.


Plaid shirt

A plain white T-shirt, jeans and a checkered shirt is a tandem that is unlikely to ever get boring or become irrelevant. If you like bright colours, buy a colourful shirt. If you prefer a calm palette, a black, brown, grey or milky item will definitely not get stale in your closet.


Wide trousers

Wide trousers in a slightly larger size than you usually wear are the only ones worth paying attention to this year. They add charm to T-shirts, jumpers, tops and the classic black turtleneck mentioned above.


Navy striped top

Nautical motifs are still popular. If you're a little tired of this print, go for a bright top with a small inscription on the chest.


Baseball cap

This item will be a lifesaver if your hair doesn't look great today. The stars prove that a cap can be combined with both sporty and casual outfits, as well as with office style to add a little zest.



A versatile pair of shoes that can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans and trousers. They will definitely help out if a girl has a busy schedule and does not intend to sacrifice her comfort.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, there are several anti-trends that you should definitely not take with you in 2023. Among the things that have fallen out of favour with fashion experts are a zip-up coat, a sheath dress and a bandage dress. Read more in our article.

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