How to prune peonies so that the flowers will be record large: the main rule

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Peonies should be pruned twice - before flowering and in winter

What makes the peony so gorgeous is not only its lush flower, but also its size. This plant can bloom with really huge flowers. Therefore, gardeners have long thought of different ways to make the plant bloom larger.

And OBOZREVATEL learned about one such trick. The whole trick lies in the correct pruning of the bush. It helps the plant to form healthy buds, which then blossom into large flowers.

The approach to such pruning can be described by a simple rule: one stem, one bud. In nature, the plant throws out one to several lateral stems, which are also crowned with a future flower. But this forces the peony to distribute its strength among all the buds. Therefore, in order to grow huge flowers, floriculture experts recommend removing these lateral shoots. They are carefully cut off with a sharp knife or secateurs.

No less important is the autumn pruning of peony bushes. The perennial plant needs a quality rest in the winter, so that in the new season to bloom even more luxuriantly. To do this, before the beginning of the cold weather, you need to cut all the leaves and branches to the ground. The plant will then spend the winter without the effort of maintaining the old parts and renewing them in the spring. This also helps to rejuvenate the shrubs and prolong their life.

Previously OBOZREVATEL told how to choose the right place for peonies to bloom lushly, and what to fertilize the plant correctly.

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