How to protect yourself from mosquito bites: folk remedies with 100% effect

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What remedies will help against mosquitoes

Nothing spoils the wonderful summertime like regular mosquito attacks. They are one of the most common and annoying insects, the bite of which can cause serious infection and allergic reactions.

Mosquitoes become more active during the dark season and can easily bite through thin summer clothing. Some species of mosquitoes carry malaria, others carry yellow fever and tularemia. OBOZREVATEL selected effective folk remedies to protect against these insects.

Mosquito saliva has specific properties, so the bite site develops redness. Itching or a feeling of fever begins. A solution of ammonia and water in the proportion of ½ teaspoon of alcohol per glass of water will help with the itching.

In the pharmacy you should buy a cheap and effective remedy - camphor oil. The disadvantage is the inconvenience of use because of the liquid consistency. Camphor oil is applied directly to the skin. Another disadvantage is the duration of action. Mosquitoes will not fly up for about 30 minutes, after that the procedure will have to be repeated.


There is another good old folk method, which consists in preparing a tincture of cloves in alcohol. In a small container (better to take an empty jar) pour a bag of cloves and fill it with vodka. Put in a dark cool place. It is important to periodically stir the contents. Tincture will be ready in 10-14 days. The solution should be poured into a sprayer, diluted with water and sprayed on exposed areas of the body.

You can also buy mosquito repellent stores: fumigators, repellents, aerosols, creams and sprays.

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