How to protect clothes from fading: a way to restore bright color

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How to protect clothes from fading

Repeated washing and improperly selected detergent have a negative impact on the state of things. They lose their bright color, softness and shape. Not always special chemicals for washing can prevent fading, but rather contribute to it.

OBOZ.UA has found an effective way to help you cope with this problem. You will need one natural ingredient that is available in every home.


Salt acts as a natural color retainer, so a properly prepared solution will keep your clothes looking good and restore a rich hue to faded colors.

Pour four cups of cold water into a bowl and add four tablespoons of salt, stirring until everything is completely dissolved. Carefully immerse the necessary items in the liquid so that the mixture completely covers the clothes and leave for 40 minutes.

Then wash it in the washing machine, turning on the desired mode. Dry your clothes outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.

This simple life hack will help you quickly restore the bright color and save you money.

You can also add a tablespoon of salt or half a cup of vinegar to the washing machine drum.

Avoid strong detergents for white clothes or bleach. Use special formulas for colored clothes.

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