How to store onions for longer

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To preserve the onions at home, you will need flour and dough leavening agent.

Because of its juicy structure, onions are not an easy vegetable to store. If it is stored well and almost does not sprout all winter in the cellar or basement,  it spoils in home conditions quite quickly. However, there is a fairly effective lifehack, which can extend the shelf life of bulbs in the home warmth.

OBOZREVATEL shares the method used by experienced vegetable gardeners. It will require two simple products that can be found in every kitchen.

Preparation for storage

First of all, it is important to make sure that the onions are harvested in time and properly prepared for winter storage. You should dig out the crop when the neck becomes thin and dry and when the peel becomes tough.

You can dry the fruits directly on the bed under the sunlight. Bulbs will need to be turned regularly so that they dry on all sides. 7-10 days is enough. It should not be wet after the rain. Otherwise, you will have to start everything from the beginning. You can also dry onions outdoors under a canopy.

Flour lifehack

You will need paper bags that are well permeable to air, wheat or even (although much more expensive) rice flour, as well as a leavening agent for dough. Before storing the vegetables, they should be spread out in the area where they will be stored with a thin layer of leavening agent poured on the bottom. Due to its hygroscopicity, the product will protect the onions from excessive moisture and therefore from rotting.

Onions should be placed in bags so that they do not touch each other. Vegetables need maximum air access during storage. When the bag is filled, the vegetables should be covered with a layer of flour.

If the size of the bags allows you to stack the onions in several layers, sprinkle flour over the vegetables after each layer. The more onions in the bag, the more product will be needed to keep them from getting wet.

When the stacking process is complete, the bag should be closed thoroughly. The combination of a leavening agent and flour will protect the onions from excess moisture. It will also keep them from the development of harmful bacteria and fungi, which can spoil the entire harvest. In addition, these means protect the vegetable from germination. However, it should also be stored in a dark place, because the light provokes the appearance of sprouts in the bulb.

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