How to politely end a friendship: rules of etiquette in difficult situations

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Rules of etiquette

Most people face the problem when friendly relations do not give them more pleasure, but on the contrary become a burden. This can be influenced by various factors, but it is not necessary to tolerate and communicate with a person through force.

In this case, it is better to follow the rules of etiquette and break off the relationship. OBOZREVATEL will help to cope with this.

The end of friendship should not be a negative stage in your life, you need to take it seriously, so that it would be easier for both of you to get over it. A frank conversation is always a good choice to solve an important problem, the main thing is not to ignore your friend or girlfriend.

Natural breakup

Often people don't need to think of different ways to end a friendship because everything happens by itself. Usually, such relationships have long exhausted themselves and friends realize that there is no point in continuing to communicate. Perhaps you will remain acquaintances who have a good impression of each other.

Toxic friendship

If your friend has a negative influence on you, constantly criticizes you, explaining that he wants to help or ridicules you in front of others, then such a friendship should be ended as soon as possible. It doesn't matter whether it's a childhood friend or a colleague at work. The most important thing is to preserve your emotional state and avoid any moral pressure in the relationship.

Explain that you do not like such communication and you do not want to have such a friend. But do not raise the tone or blame the person. It is better to calmly discuss everything so as not to create a conflict.

The need for a person is gone

If you feel that you are not interested in already existing friendships, it is better to talk frankly with the person. Because for him, it is probably an important communication that he would not want to lose. Calmly and without accusation explain that you can remain acquaintances. But don't disappear in an instant and ignore the person. Say that you are always ready to help and support, but that you no longer need, for example, daily communication or weekend meetings.

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