How to meet someone properly according to etiquette rules

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Dating rules

The first acquaintance is usually an exciting moment, but anxiety can be minimized through inner confidence. Knowledge of the rules of etiquette will help to ensure the latter.

It all depends on the conditions: advice on personal or business acquaintance will be somewhat different. Who should be the first to give a hand and whether the rule "the first is the younger" is relevant, read in OBOZREVATEL material.

Official business acquaintance

When addressing a person in an official or business environment, first introduce yourself by giving your name and surname. If there is no significant subordination between you, you occupy similar positions or speaking to the interlocutor on the same career step, the rule of age applies. The younger person is introduced first.

If you come to a new company, you should be the first to say your name. It is better to smile to make a good impression.

In formal introductions, you usually give your first name, last name (sometimes middle name) and title.

Rules of informal dating

When meeting a man and a woman, the first to introduce himself is the man. However, if the rules of subordination apply, for example, you are a student and your interlocutor is a teacher, the girl should introduce herself first.

A woman should also introduce herself first if she is getting to know her spouse.

If the acquaintance takes place in a large company, wait for your turn rather than shouting your name at once. In such a situation, try to talk a little with each interlocutor and pay attention to many people.

After you have introduced yourself, you should add "glad (advice) to meet you", "very nice to meet you".

If you need to introduce someone

Start with a common phrase: "let me introduce you to..." or "please meet..."

Say the names loudly and clearly so the person you are introducing doesn't have to ask you back.

If you are introducing a man to a woman, the woman should be called first.

According to the rules of etiquette, the first person to be introduced should shake hands first. A woman may also shake hands with a man. In formal situations, the older person should shake hands with the younger person.

If you are talking to someone and you are approached by a colleague or friend, you should not force strangers to introduce themselves to each other. You should do it. At the same time, while approaching interlocutors, you should wait for a pause in communication in order not to interrupt them.

When you need to stand up when getting acquainted

If the acquaintance takes place at the table, a man should stand up when he is introduced to a woman. Women stand up if she is introduced to an older lady or a very respected man.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL shared the rules of restaurant etiquette and behavior at the table.

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