How to maximize potato yield: how to plant correctly

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Lifehacks of experienced gardeners will help you get a really big harvest

Potatoes are the queen of any vegetable garden, because it is not just a seasonal vegetable, but also a large supply for the winter. But not all gardening enthusiasts know how to plant this crop correctly to get a really good harvest.

OBOZREVATEL collected some tips on how to properly care for potatoes. The plant will thank you with healthy tubers.

For planting should choose potatoes of medium size. At the same time, you need to make sure that they had well-developed sprouts. If you take small tubers, you can get a harvest of large potatoes, but it will not be too rich. And it is not advisable to plant large tubers - it is better to use them for food.

When planting, feed the potatoes well chopped onion husks and eggshells, as well as ash. These fertilizers can be laid in a small amount in each well, mixing them with the soil. In addition, such a mixture scares away one of the main pests from the plant - Mole crickets.

Experienced vegetable gardeners do not recommend burying potatoes deeply when planting. This will force the plant to form shoots rather than a root system. It is better to perch the bushes several times during the season. In this case, the harvest will be larger and better formed.

After the potatoes have flowered, it is also recommended to fall some of the haulm. This, too, will make the plant direct its forces to rooting. Such a bed will not look too attractive, but the potatoes will get more nutrients and will be tastier.

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