How to make the apartment was less dusty: effective tips

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Humidifying the air and reducing the access of dirt from the street will save dust at home

Cleaning up dust is the kind of housework that causes the most negative emotions. No matter how much you wipe it off, it immediately settles back down and you have to start all over again. That's why the search for tips on how to get rid of house dust goes on as endlessly as the struggle with this type of dirt itself.

Some ways bring results and significantly reduce the amount of dust in the house. OBOZREVATEL collected them in one material.

Use the door mats

Much of the dust enters the house from the street. In particular, on shoes. And a door mat can reduce its amount. It is a damp rug that will be especially effective. Even better if there are two - one outside and one inside. And feel free to ask everyone who comes in to use these mats.

Cover the cracks

Another way for outside dust to enter the house is through any cracks with access from the outside. In particular, in windows and doors. Therefore, it is sometimes important to adjust the frames, renew the seals in them and seal the cracks with sealant. In addition to controlling dust, this will help keep your home warm during the winter season.

Clean Air Filters

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems have air filters. For the time being, they are good at capturing some of the dust, but over time, they accumulate it and start to release it back into the room. That's why these filters need to be cleaned and changed in time.

Clean vents

In addition to filters, ventilation systems accumulate dust at outlets and air ducts. And they, too, can start to spread it over time. So periodic cleaning of these areas can help combat dustiness in your home. Sometimes it's a good idea to have a professional ventilation service done.

Control the humidity in the rooms

An optimal level of humidity in the home not only makes you feel better. It also prevents dust from settling quickly. Therefore, if possible, keep it at about 30-50%. You can use special gadgets for this purpose - humidifiers, air washers, etc.

Use air purifiers

By the way, with regard to gadgets, there are special cleaners that trap small particles flying in the air. Accordingly, they do not settle on objects. Often these cleaners are also equipped with HEPA filters, which trap most of the allergens that may be in the air.

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