How to make liquid soap use less: a clever trick

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A cable tie will reduce soap consumption

Parents of young children know how quickly they can waste liquid soap. Babies like to squeeze the dispenser several times because it's fun, and as a result, they use up too much product. But overconsumption is not just due to childish playfulness. Most standard soap bottle dispensers dispense too much liquid. This is done so that you can go to the store for a new one faster.

Is there anything you can do about it and save a mile? As OBOZREVATEL found out, quite. There are even a few effective lifehacks.

Take advantage of the cable tie trick

To reduce soap consumption, you will need an inexpensive cable tie. Adjust the width of the cable tie to be about one-third the height of the dispenser tube from cap to spout. Slip the cable tie over the dispenser tube, tighten it and trim the end. It will now block full pressure and soap will be released in smaller portions. This will be enough to wash your hands properly.

Buy a foaming dispenser

This is a special bottle which, when you press the dispenser, does not release pure soap, but a ready-to-use product already turned into foam. For it to work, the soap must be about two-thirds diluted with water. An additional saving is that you won't have to buy a bottle of soap with a dispenser every time you use it - it's usually more expensive - and you can use large, economical packs. The dispenser itself can be chosen in a design that will better suit the interior of your bathroom than a brightly colored package of soap. And it will last much longer.

Dilute the soap with water

Liquid soap already consists almost entirely of water. Therefore, additional dilution will not seriously affect its cleaning power. It is not even necessary to pour the diluted product into a special dispenser. The main thing is that it should not become too liquid after adding water. Then, after pressing the dispenser, it will pour out in a too liquid stream and spill through your fingers.

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