How to make lavender bushes lush and grow fast: watering secrets

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How to speed up lavender growth

There are three main reasons to plant lavender in your yard: It smells great, will beautify any bed and can keep annoying insects away. Lavender is generally undemanding but a good watering regime must be adhered to.

It should be stressed at the outset that lavender does not like to be over watered. Porady Interia explains how to make sure that lavenders are lush and grow quickly.

Lavender must be planted in the right conditions. Firstly, it needs sunlight and secondly, it needs a permeable substrate because they cannot tolerate excessive moisture. If these key points are not taken care of, even regular watering of lavender will not make it lush and fragrant.

How to water lavender

Lavender is a drought-tolerant plant and therefore only needs watering during long hot spells. The top and bottom layers should be checked so that if they are very dry, you can start watering.

Only water the soil underneath the lavender and not too much. Too much water leads to rotting of the roots and the development of fungal diseases.

Potted lavender should be watered more frequently but in moderation to prevent root flooding.

Watering is normally sufficient. Sometimes, however, it can be spoiled with calcium fertiliser. It's easy to prepare: Crush a few eggshells, add water and then boil everything down. The mixture should be left for a week or so, making sure to stir it up at least once a day. This fertiliser can be applied to lavender once a month.

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