How to make laundry perfectly clean: what to put in the machine

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Laundry Life Hacks

Even the simplest and cheapest laundry detergent will make your laundry perfectly clean if you add one effective ingredient. This tiphack is actively gaining popularity on the web, and those who have already tried the product assure: clothes will not only be clean, but also soft, so you do not even have to use conditioner.

The secret is simple: you should add baking soda to the washing powder. OBOZREVATEL tells the features of the tiphack and the basic proportions.

There are several options for using baking soda: you can mix 2 teaspoons with the powder directly in the container of the machine or just pour them into the drum to the clothes. The crystals will help get rid of dirt and stains, returning things to brightness and freshness.

In addition, baking soda has softening properties, so you can abandon the use of store conditioner.

By the way, if you have long been looking for a way to return the brightness of the colors faded after repeated washing, salt is an ideal option. It can be added to detergents or even used for washing in the machine. Salt is not only good for colored clothes, but it will also keep white clothes bright. How to properly add salt to the washing machine and what are the reservations about this method - read in the material.

However, pay attention to the recommendations on the use of washing machines, as some manufacturers do not advise pouring salt into the container to avoid damage.

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