How to make geraniums bloom until the first frost: rules from experts

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Even hardy garden geraniums can stop blooming

Geranium, also known as cranesbill, is one of the most popular garden plants. It covers the ground beautifully, is drought tolerant, blends well with shrubs and roses and is easy to grow. The plant takes root in both sun and shade and has a variety of flowers that depend on the species.

Another advantage of the garden geranium is a lush and long-lasting bloom. But even she can stop releasing buds. What to do in such a case, to return the plant health and beauty, learned OBOZREVATEL.

Why geraniums can stop blooming

If this hardy plant begins to lose shape, the first step to its reanimation should be the correct determination of the cause of the problem. The most common causes are:

  • lack of sun;
  • cold weather;
  • a frosty winter;
  • poorly drained soil;
  • excess nitrogen fertilizer.

Next we will talk about how to eliminate these problems. Usually even small efforts in this direction bring a good result.

Make sure that the plant gets enough sun

Geraniums require sufficient sunlight for full blooming. On average, 4-6 hours of sunlight per day during the summer. That is, you can plant it not in an open area, but not exactly in the shade. And do not forget about regular watering. Although this plant is drought-resistant, it still blooms better when it is well moisturized.

Prune the plant and remove wilted flowers

To keep the plant in good condition, cut off any weak shoots and remove any wilted blooms in good time. After the first spring bloom, you can cut the geranium back by a third, removing all the wilted color. This will help it to form new, healthier leaves and release young buds. Throughout the season, remove dead flowers and leaves so that the plant does not waste its energy on them.

Ensure the soil is permeable

Geraniums, like most perennials, grow intensively in well-drained soil that is permeable to moisture and air. If the soil is heavy and waterlogged, the plant may not bloom at all. To improve the quality of the substrate, it can be enriched with organic fertilizers. Annual mulching with compost or fallen leaves will also be beneficial.

Apply the right fertilizer

Usually geraniums do not need additional feeding - it is a fairly unpretentious plant. But if it does not bloom well, once a year you can treat its soil area with nutrients. It is important to avoid fertilizers with a high nitrogen content. In addition, it is necessary to dilute the selected remedy in half concentration - the full dose can burn the geranium. Also, the introduction of fertilizers will be appropriate immediately after planting the flower. If you are using it as a ground cover plant, the entire area where you plan to plant the geranium should be treated.

Divide an old plant to rejuvenate it

Another reason why geraniums may stop blooming is their age. However, even an old plant can be rejuvenated. The best way to do this is to divide it. Dig up the flower in the fall when it is hibernating or in the spring when it is just starting to grow. Divide the bush. If the crown is stiff, using a hand fork or pruning shears, break the geranium into parts so that each had its own root and 2-3 shoots. Replant these parts and water them. You can also use fertilizer at this stage. You will soon have several young plants on your plot.

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