How to make firewood burn four times longer: a useful life hack

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How to make firewood burn longer

Another hard winter is ahead. According to preliminary forecasts, the occupiers are trying to accumulate long-range missiles to strike again at critical infrastructure.

In rural areas, Ukrainians stock up on firewood in advance. However, firewood is quite expensive, so there is no question of saving money. OBOZ.UA figured out how to make firewood burn four times longer.

Tip 1: how to throw firewood

On average, one log burns and smolders for about 1.5 hours, but knowing some life hacks, you can significantly extend this period. First of all, you shouldn't carelessly throw firewood into the stove. It's all about physicochemical processes: if there is a lot of oxygen between the wood, it will burn quickly. That is, the less oxygen there is, the longer the wood burns. Put the logs in the stove as tightly as possible.

Tip 2: size of firewood

You should also pay attention to the size of the firewood and the order of putting it in. Put large logs in the stove first, followed by smaller ones. This will create a kind of pyramid principle.

Rule 3: kindling

Having properly stacked the firewood, you can proceed to the kindling. You need to start with the top chips - this way you can stretch the ignition process and prolong active burning.

Small chips quickly produce a high temperature, actually warming the room. And then they will be joined by the lower large firewood - they provide the maximum return of the calorific potential.

Pay attention to the type of wood. The greatest heat is provided by:

  • birch
  • black pine
  • acacia.

But the lowest rate is provided by;

  • poplar
  • aspen
  • alder
  • willow.

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