How to make faded clothes snow white again: basic tips

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The right approach to washing and well-chosen products will bring back the brightness of white clothes.

White clothes lose their brightness even faster than any colored clothes. Street dust, excessive amounts of detergent, washing in hard water, food and drink, sweat - all of this instantly leaves traces on white fabric. And it seems that it is impossible to return things to whiteness. However, experience suggests that the situation is not as hopeless as it seems.

Often, to reanimate white things, people resort to the use of bleach. However, as learned OBOZREVATEL, there are other more delicate methods. Here are the most effective of them.

Wash whites separately

Rule number one, which should be remembered and observed strictly - always separate white things from colored during washing. This will prevent the colors from spreading out and no extraneous tint and dye stains will appear on the white fabric.

Use the right detergent

Laundry detergents for white clothes are specially designed to whiten or brighten clothes. They contain ingredients that will maintain the color of things and take out stains. At the same time, they work more gently than bleaches and are safer for fabrics.

Choose the right bleach

If the washing agent does not cope, you can use bleach. But it's better to choose an oxygen-based product rather than chlorine bleach. The simplest example is hydrogen peroxide, which is sometimes added to the laundry. There are also powder and liquid factory bleaches based on oxygen. When using them, strictly follow the instructions.

Add vinegar

White vinegar - specifically white vinegar, not food vinegar - is used to clean lime scale. It can remove lime residue from fabric as well, and it is lime that is often responsible for the gray scale that ruins the look of white items. While rinsing, add about half a cup of vinegar to the rinse container of your washing machine. It will help to return things to whiteness, as well as soften the fabrics. However, this product is not for constant use, treat things with it when there is a clear need for it.

Avoid overloading the machine

If you load a lot of things in the drum, it can prevent their proper mixing during washing and quality rinsing. Consequently, soap residues will begin to accumulate in the fibers. And this leads to fading of white things. Therefore, there should always remain a little free space in the drum.

Wash in hot water

Hot water tends to be more effective in removing stains and brightening white things. However, before doing so, make sure that specific items can be washed at high temperatures. Delicate fabrics often can't be cared for in this way - it can damage them.

Choose the right wash cycle

For graying white clothes, it's best to use a longer wash cycle. This allows them to soak in the detergent solution for 30 minutes. This way, stains are better removed and the brightness of the white color is restored. If you save energy, soaking can be done in a basin. Pour warm water into the container, dissolve a little detergent and add two cups of baking soda - it will enhance the effect of soaking.

Dry clothes in the sun

The sun's rays can bleach and brighten items. Therefore, hanging things to dry in the direct sun will be effective for white items. At the same time, ultraviolet light also has a disinfecting effect on fabrics. However, some things such drying can damage - read the label beforehand.

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