How to make an old floor shine again: a simple trick

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How to clean your floor quickly

Not all floor cleaners can bring back the shine. Dirt on laminate, parquet or tiles not only spoils the aesthetic appearance of the room, but also promotes the growth of bacteria.

There are many tips and folk recipes that will help to clean the floor. But you are unlikely to have heard of one of them. This flyhack is very popular among the French, reports the publication Sante plus. To clean the floors, they advise using toothpaste.

The soft and abrasive structure makes toothpaste an effective means of removing stains and dirt. Moreover, the floor will shine clean after such cleaning.

It is better to take a paste of white color, without dyes. Pour warm water into a bucket and add a little toothpaste. For 1 liter of water it is advised to take 2 tablespoons of paste. Thoroughly mix the ingredients in a circular motion.

When the solution is ready, soak a mop rag in it and wipe the floor. Pay special attention to the most dirty places.

Wash the floor in this way is enough twice a week. Bleaching antimicrobial properties will contribute to the effective removal of dirt.

But be careful - on some types of floors toothpaste should not be used.

This applies, in particular:

  • granite surfaces
  • marble surfaces
  • wooden floors

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