How to make a hairstyle like the stars of Hollywood: tips that are easy to repeat. Photo.

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Hollywood curls can be easily made at home

Every year, Hollywood stars amaze their fans with new haircuts and interpretations of long-forgotten trends, but there is a hairstyle that has remained the most popular for many decades. It is called Hollywood curls, because these tips are most often used by famous beauties.

However, you can style your hair elegantly at home without the help of stylists and hairdressers. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you how easy it is to repeat the popular hairstyle (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

It is better to start every complex styling with a clean head and properly dried hair. Before proceeding to the main part of the work, you need to blow-dry the strands, starting from the roots. This creates the necessary volume.


After that, comb your hair thoroughly and part it on one side. This will make the style look more impressive, but you can also leave a straight parting.

Hollywood curls should not be styled without thermal protection, as a hot curling iron can damage the hair. You should curl the strands to one side so that they lie neatly in the finished hairstyle. The curls can be additionally secured with pins or wound on curlers while they are still hot to extend the life of the styling.


When the main work is done, you need to loosen your hair and go through it with a comb with sparse teeth, then gently style it with your hands. To prevent the hairstyle from falling apart quickly, you can use hairspray.

OBOZREVATEL has collected various styling options according to these tips, which were demonstrated by the stars


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