How to make a compost pit: important points

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How to make a compost pit

Compost is a fertilizer that is formed as a result of the decomposition of organic matter. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on fertilizers, you can make a compost pit in your yard, which will solve the problem not only with waste disposal but also with soil fertilization.

You will be able to use the compost in six months. OBOZREVATEL has found tips to help you create a compost pit yourself.

To create organic fertilizer, it's not enough to just dig a hole and dump various wastes into it. This will slow down the decay process due to humidity and lack of ventilation. For this, you need a wooden box.

You can make such a structure yourself or buy a ready-made garden composter. You should bury the box 50 cm into the soil, and it should be one meter above the ground. The ideal size of the pit is 1.5 by 2 meters. Divide it into two sections. In the first, throw away the waste immediately, and leave the other until next year.

Cover the bottom with hay or small branches.

You can dispose of leaves, branches, sawdust, cardboard, paper, plant roots, ashes, grass clippings, flower stems, animal hair, and all food waste of plant origin.

However, avoid animal products, animal feces, mineral fertilizers, weeds with seeds that have already begun to ripen and plants with a long rotting period (potato or tomato tops).

Also, in no case should you throw bushes of plants that are affected by diseases, it is better to dry and burn them.

Under the influence of heat, the waste will decompose in the compost pit and in six months an organic fertilizer will be formed.

Follow these tips to avoid creating problems for yourself:

  • To make the decay process faster, it is better to build a compost pit in a shaded area away from the house to prevent unpleasant odors from entering.
  • Avoid the vicinity of trees, as excessive nutrients in the soil can cause them to die.
  • Do not make such a hole near a well and places where water collects the most. This can slow down the composting process.
  • Remember to stir the contents of the pit twice a month to ensure that the decay process is even.

You can use the compost as early as the next season, but it takes about two years for the fertilizer to be filled with nutrients.

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