How to look taller and slimmer: a simple life hack

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Blogger shows how to look taller and slimmer

English-speaking blogger Lauren Alexandria has shared a simple life hack with netizens that allows you to visually lengthen your legs and look slimmer in a few seconds. The secret lies in the right clothes.

To be more precise, the influencer showed how two wardrobe items help her to adjust her figure. The Sun journalists told about the success of the life hack (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Lauren appeared in front of her subscribers in plain black leggings that hugged her curvy hips, short white socks and a cropped top.

At first, the blogger changed her short socks to long ones, pulling them over her leggings. Thus, she visually lengthened her height and added a stylish contrasting accent. It is also worth noting that sneakers are better suited for sports socks, and short beauties are advised to choose them with a massive sole.


After manipulating the lower body, Lauren showed a striking difference between the look with a regular and cropped denim jacket.

The classic length hid the beauty's waist and made her figure look like a square, while the cropped model helped to emphasise her advantages and hide her flaws.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that you can also look slimmer with the right style techniques. Read more about this in the article.

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